fallen leaves

The yellow leaves are fast turning brown laying on the ground. The chestnuts are still hanging on – not yet one with the mud and damp. The air is turning crisper and colder as I write and instead of longing for spring I actually want snow now. Cold, dry snow that squirks under the boots when walking on it. Snow that sparkles in the night – lightening up the world. Clear blue – almost black – sky sprinkled with stars. World embedded in soft snow like a big, white duvet – like in the photo below from last winter.

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2 Responses to fallen leaves

  1. Chas. says:

    Why are all the bicycles out…??? was this an unexpected freak snowfall ?
    What part of the country…???


    • dandelion says:

      It is from the Southern/middle part of Sweden (near Stockholm) and the bikes are out because many here bike all year round. It wasn’t a totally unexpected snowfall, but I think it snowed more than expected – most people have their bikes indoors when it snows a lot.

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