Pilot Vanishing Point – the clever & convenient fountain pen

If you think that fountain pens are inconvenient and fussy you have never heard of Pilot Vanishing Point. The nib is retractable – just like on a ball point pen. Before I dived into the hardcore part of the fountain pen world I had no idea that such a thing existed – a fountain pen with a retractable nib that actually works and is very convenient to use.

The innovative Japanese pen company Pilot/Namiki started producing the Vanishing Point (originally named Capless) in the beginning of the 1960’s. Even if changes have been made to the VP, it is basically the same pen. The retractable mechanism was in the beginning a twist mechanism and is now a push button – just like an ordinary ball point pen. Since fountain pens shall be carried with the nib pointing upwards – partly to prevent ink leakage – Pilot solved this elegantly by letting the clip be attached on the nib end of the barrel instead of the opposite, which is more common. A truly innovative pen! The views of the VPs differs a lot and it seems like people either hate or love the VP. I was very sceptical about it, but after buying the Pilot M90 my curiosity took over and I decided to get one and I don’t regret that. I am amazed over how convenient the VP is and how comfortable it is to write with. It is fitted with replaceable/interchangeable 18 carat gold nibs and is – like the M90 – a high quality pen for a relatively low price.

You can also find a review with great photos of a yellow VP in Stylophile’s Magazine here and a bunch of reviews of it in FPN’s review section.

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