january 1 2012: rainbow & sunset

A snapshot captured as I rode back from a civil war battlefield today – the first day of 2012. Sunset with rainbow is quite unusual in the first place and a sunset with a rainbow the first day of the new year is even more unusual. The prosaic would call it a nice, unusual sunset on the first day of the year. The romantic sentimental might see it as a herald of a good and special year. Either way it was a few minutes of elusive magic – live poetry – and I do prefer the latter way of viewing it.

May you all be happy and brave 2012. With an unusual amount of shimmering, magic moments.

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2 Responses to january 1 2012: rainbow & sunset

  1. Lovely photo. I notice that it’s a double rainbow – you can see the second, paler one to the right of the brighter rainbow. It looks similar to one I saw from my office window in November 2011, in Bath, England. That was the brightest and most complete double rainbow I have ever seen.

    And Happy New Year!

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