the sun has set for the old year – happy new year!

The last sunset at my spot of the globe for this year. A little more than six hours left here. Some have already left 2010 behind while others still have more than twelve hours left. I think of absent friends and wish you all a PROSPEROUS & HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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14 Responses to the sun has set for the old year – happy new year!

  1. Millie says:

    Happy new year! Beautiful photos.

  2. JoniB says:

    Happy New Year to you, too! I agree with Bill on the rabbit tracks. “Hop Along Cassidy!”

  3. dandelion says:

    Thank you all! I wish you a very merry and happy year!

  4. Lexi0514 says:

    Happy New Year.

    I’m looking forward to another year of your beautiful pictures.

  5. ArchiMark says:

    Happy New Year to you!

    Thanks for all the great posts and pics you’ve shared with everyone this past year!

  6. Gentian says:

    Happy New Year!! ^_^

  7. Stephanie says:

    A happy new year to you as well!

  8. ravensmarch says:

    From seven hours the other side of the daylight terminator, a very happy new year to you. I wanted to mention that the magnificent prize you sent, a solid block of Diamine Dark Brown, lay on my doorstep in the final delivery of the year. It’s thawing now, and shows no sign of taking injury from the adventure. The card you included was very nice also.

    • dandelion says:

      That gives a new meaning to arriving in one piece. LOL. Happy that you got it at last – sorry for being so very slow in shipping it to you. Happy 2011!

  9. Bill Scherer says:

    I like the rabbit tracks heading into the sunset…like an old western movie.

  10. I just want you to know that your photographs alway make me happy.

  11. lyndsilea says:

    These are gorgeous photos! :)

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