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As much as I feel sceptic towards the modern Montblanc and its decision to only produce high end pens, target customers who are more interested in the brand and its prestige, than in the pens, as much has I come to fancy their vintage pens. (And, yes, I have owned and used a few modern Montblancs.)

Featured pens upper left:  252,  344,  254. lower left: 22, Monterosa, 344

I have particularly become fond of their diminutive and non blingy pens in the 2XX and 3XX series from the 1950s. They are on the smaller side – measured against the grandeur of today’s fountain pens – and still well built, non-flimsy and very pleasant to write with for longer sessions.

Compared with the prices of the more famous vintage Montblancs these are inexpensive and I like that I don’t feel that I am walking around with a wholly irreplaceable treasure representing a lot of dough in my pocket (or rather bag – I actually never put pens in my pockets – that would fast lead to a disaster).

They are well designed, made to work (and work and work) and their nibs are exquisite. Some are very flexy, others just springy. The obliques lay down lines with great variation. Next to flawless flow. Nice in the hand. Not cheap (but inexpensive in relation to modern pens), but gives good value and personality for the money. Nice. Sympathetic.

I’ve been trying plenty of their vintage nibs lately and these are a few of them. My two favourites at the moment are the 252 with a semi-flexy/springy broad oblique and the 344 with a flexy fine. I like their size and they feel very nice in my hand and is the kind of pen that feels like it add something of its own character when writing a letter or journalling.

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  1. Connie Barbour says:

    Love the MB post. One of my favorite pens is my Monte Rosa with an Oblique Medium nib. It has got some bumps and scratches on it, but it writes beautifully.

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