16 inks with the blues

The last post featured 15 red/red leaning inks. I got so inspired by doing it that I pulled out all my blues – some of them samples provided by kind friends – and made a colour chart. As you see one blue really stands out  – Noodler’s Bay State Blue.

The most summer sky blue is Diamine’s Royal Blue. The most intense dark blue – dark without being blue-black, I’ve tried to date is Diamine’s Majestic blue. Iroshizuku Kon-peki is a lovely bright blue with a turquoise tinge and Diamine’s steel blue is the greenest blue (rather teal) that I’ve tried. Noodler’s Bad Blue Heron is a great medium blue leaning with a tiny hint of dark turquoise and Noodler’s Polar Blue is a cold blue with an exceptional lubrication (and creep). All the above mentioned belongs to my personal faves.

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6 Responses to 16 inks with the blues

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  2. Speedmaster says:

    This is a classic review. ;-)

  3. youstruckgold says:

    I loove baystate – I just can’t find a pen I’m prepared to use it in. What pen do you put it in?

  4. dandelion says:

    Mr Hippo thanks a lot for the kind compliments! Even if some of the inks are samples I was a bit shocked to see how many shades of blue I’ve got… :D

  5. TAO says:

    I like the hippo also. I’ve always been partial to blues and the first real non-conformist ink I had was Waterman South Seas Blue which is a great teal.

  6. Gentian says:

    Pretty! I like your hippo too.

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