…and the winner is…

Thanks to all who participated a lot for such a kind and enthusiastic response to the little giveaway of a bottle of Diamine dark brown to celebrate the 1000 comment! Also a big thanks to everyone who reads the lady dandelion blog!

The winner is: Ravensmarch!

Below is one of the last roses – captured November 4th.

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6 Responses to …and the winner is…

  1. Adam says:

    Maybe not the best place to say that – by link to pens you are selling on FPN are broken ;-)


  2. ravensmarch says:

    I am all aswoon at the mere prospect of having won something. I’m sure it will be smelling salts and an egg beaten into a glass of brandy to get me back on my feet when it actually arrives.

    And then you prove my winning comment with that picture.

  3. JoniB says:

    Congratulations to Ravensmarch!

    Lovely photo of the rose. There’s something so “determined” (feeling) from the last bloom of the year. I said that kind of wonky, but I hope you know what I meant.

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