elm hill

Woodlands – The Woodland Cemetery – in the outskirts of south Stockholm in the old suburb Enskede (close to the city) is – as my earlier posts bear witness of – one of my favourite places. When I was there today the rain poured down in a constant, persistent, flow and it was so amazingly green. These are a few snaps – I’ll share more as soon as I’ve got the others in order – of the Elm Hill which is the hill for remembrance. I walked around for a long time, just focusing on the peaceful surroundings – amazed (once again) with which care and attention to details the Woodlands was projected and that it continues to develop and grow – all in the spirit of its founders. As you see below it is a long way to walk up to the top – at least for older people. But, still they walk it.

A little folded chair awaits at the top. Looking back all the way down.

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3 Responses to elm hill

  1. TAO says:

    I love the triptych made by taking the pictures closer and closer to the trees. :D

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