bittersweet symphony

I happened to play an old mixed cd that I had in the car and while driving through a damp and cold Uppsala the Bittersweet symphony came out of the speakers and it was so right and I turned up the volume…just a little louder…and a tiny bit more… Just so. Cold, damp freezing and happy in a strange way. Above is a real good performance. If @DIYSara reads this: I thought about you when I heard the short intro speech to the song.  Hang in there. :) Play it. Play it again. And once more.

Below are a few photos from my freezing happiness.

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4 Responses to bittersweet symphony

  1. nrepose says:

    Thank you! Also one of my favorite songs. I like to play it along with Lucky Man and realize how good my life is. You’ve made my day. Nr

  2. Speedmaster says:

    So funny that you posted this, it’s one of my fav. songs!! ;-)

    • dandelion says:

      It is real good. I was happy when I found the Glastonbury performance who adds something more to it. Great performer he is, Richard Ashcroft. :)

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