deep in december it’s nice to remember…

Last day of September is almost over. October is indisputable an autumnal month. In September one can still fool oneself that it is still summer – if darker and cooler. October brings realism and sobriety and – autumn.

Here are a few photos from my walks and bikerides during the last days of this year’s September. To the right above you see rose hips – growing on a dog rose bush. It brings fruit at the same time as it still blooms – I find that quite optimistic (see, October, there are still some stubborn optimists around).

This was a beautiful morning (apparently) with warmth in the sun. I’ll really try to get as much light as possible now – it diminishes fast and the evenings come way too soon; a little earlier day by day – an autumn and winter before it is spring again.

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5 Responses to deep in december it’s nice to remember…

  1. diysara says:

    gorgeous photos. :)

  2. So pretty. I love the photo of your shadow.

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