scarred stone

This is my nearby local church. It takes me 6-7 minutes to bike to the city centre and as long time to bike to this medieval church – near the modern city, but still surrounded by pasture where one can spot cows once in a while. I love this church. It is small (at least by modern means) scarred and old. It originates from the 12th century and it has looked like this (but newer and less scarred) since the 13-14th centuries. I love its simple tower with a tarred wooden roof – like a stylized wizard hat, the scarred façade that bears witness of the past.

Inside one can see (will make for another post) mural paintings from the 14th century. Churches ,  temples and holy rooms are truly – whatever relation one might have to religion – a piece of solid history.

These photos were taken a couple of days ago – after a day with heavy rain the sun showed an hour or two before it was time for it to set for the day. From heavy clouds to clear blue skye in a very short time. A blissful moment where the warm, warm evening sun made the old and scarred façade come alive and the old, scarred stone gleam and shimmer.

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4 Responses to scarred stone

  1. Bryan says:

    Great photos! Love the looks of that old building!

  2. TAO says:

    I love textures and the light was great for these. Nice to see the stone brought out by the shadows.

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