wanted: the coming überyellow pelikan M205 DUO…!

My jaw dropped when I happened to see info on this transparent, überyellow demonstrator, piston filler, BB-equipped, highlighter pen that Pelikan is about to release in Mid-August. Nevermind that I already have a Lamy Vista with a 1.9 mm italic nib that I use as a highlighter: I want this pen. This happy, crazy yellow pen beams like a sun and regardless on how one wants to use it – I could consider having a variety of inks in it – it is such a super cool pen. And – with Pelikan’s traditional attention to details – a real piston filler. The MRSP (as stated below in a text excerpt from their website) will be around 95 Euro. A bit on the upper side, but considering their quality and that this is a piston filler it is quite affordable.  The website states that the price includes the special Pelikan highlighter ink (see pic above). Three European vendors which already accept reservations are PenandCo (France) Nichepens (UK) and Pennshoppen (Sweden). The Japanese vendor Rakuten claims to already have sold out the first batch. I have no affiliation to any of these dealers and these are only examples of vendors that I’ve noted have/will have it in stock.

According to Pelikan’s web site this pen will be available from Mid-August and here is some info on it: “The new Classic 205 DUO piston fountain-pen fountain-pen has a polished stainless steel nib in thickness BB and is filled with a neon ink. The concept of neon ink originated at the end of the 1960s, deriving from the fluorescent tubes appearing at that time, mistakenly also called neon tubes in colloquial language. In the main, these inks are used as signal colours, and are characterised by an exceptionally high colour saturation.
The Classic 205 text marker in fountain-pen form comes together with a bottle of neon yellow ink in a simple design box. It is available at a retail price of 95 € (MRSP)” Picture  from Pelikans Promo site.

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2 Responses to wanted: the coming überyellow pelikan M205 DUO…!

  1. It is lovely, just don’t think I need another Pelikan 2xx – LOL!!

  2. Excellent to-look-forward-to pen! Will watch out for your review. :)

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