favourites for pen, paper and ink addicts

Here are some of my favourite posts on pens, paper, ink, drawing and writing which might make a pleasant summer reading for pen, paper and ink addicts. The pic is from one of my short trips this summer. It was taken by a castle with a tremendous view over the Lake Vättern. I could have just sat there gazing over the Lake a whole day. I thought it’d make a good summer illustration.

Letters of Note gets a general mention. A site/blog dedicated to publish interesting letters. A lot of effort is put into this site which is a fantastic resource. Nothing uninteresting here.

Eric Orchard: Where Owls Fear to Thread – lovely drawing by one of my favourite illustrators – his site is always worth a visit.

Inky Journal: Review of Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa – ambitious and with great pics.

Palimpsest: Rebirth by sharpening. Well written and spiritual about the sharpening of pencils.

Margaret Atwood: How I learned to Love Twitter Great read in Guardian on Twitter and social forums by someone who really can write.

Dirty Footprints: Big – about daring to think, dream and live BIG.

Leigh Reyes. My life as a verb: The Way of The Folded Pen – very inspiring on folded pens. Luscious.

The Rants of The Archer: Review: J Herbin Poussière de Lune – excellent review of a beautiful ink that begins with a great quote.

Peaceable Writer: The Tale of a Vandal Pen Repairer – funny and witty by a great writer.

Wild Thyme: Behind The Pages – the most beautiful paper butterfly I’ve seen.

Bleubug: Soggy Pasta Primavera – charming about flexy nibs.

Whatever: Featured Pen: Wahl Ringtop Sterling Silver – a well told tale of the restoration of an old beauty.

Last, But Not Least – The Writing Desk Give Away:
The give away of the year is probably the one that the UK based pen store The Writing Desk have. It is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a give away of a Conway Stewart Belliver – a Limited Edition fountain pen which will be given to a randomly selected customer – if you put in an order before the end of August. I am often reluctant to recommend particular dealers, but I’m a returning customer with only good things to say about TWD – they are always pleasant and swift to deal with.

The picture is a promo pic –  linked via TWD.

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2 Responses to favourites for pen, paper and ink addicts

  1. Excellent selection of must-reads! :) Thanks for including my review of Poussiére de Lune. It’s an excellent ink, as all other Herbin inks are. :)

    • dandelion says:

      Thank you! I agree with your view on Herbin and PdL is one of my faves – a very special colour and your review of it really made it justice. :)

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