four signs

It has surely been some time since I last posted any wind wanes, but here are two fresh photos. One is from the top of little building that once belonged to an iron works and it states that it was made 1738 – A little more than 270 years ago… The other is from an old station building in what once was a flourishing little village with a majestic railway station house, a big postal building and a proper courthouse. The wane states “NS” which I think stands for “National Railways” and is probably of the same age as the building – from 1859. The sign below is an anniversary sign from the very same building from the 125th anniversary of this specific railway in 1984. It states that this is a part of the first completed railway in Sweden. It is something special with deteriorated, partly abandoned places who has past their prime, but where the traces are still present – reminding the visitor of the past glory and another time. This little village is still alive with some services like hairdressers, cafés, grocery stores and pharmacy – and thus not wholly abandoned, but it is still far from the busy industrial place it once was.

Here is a detail from the quite impressive Post Office – built as late as 1910 – close to the railway station. The three crowns are one of Sweden’s official signs and “Kungl. Post” is Royal Mail. Even if the railway is still in use, the traffic are far from the heights in its glory days. The station building houses a café and the Post Office is closed down. But the traces are still there.

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  1. ArchiMark says:

    Very nice pics as always…as an architect myself, I like those features and that old Post office facade….

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