Montblanc 144 from the 1950’s – a find

My Montblanc 144 from the 1950’s arrived from the pen doctor in Edinburgh today. I had the luck to find this for a very pleasant pricetag a while ago. The only problem was that it needed a new piston cork. It was also a little matte and could benefit from a polish, so I sent it off to Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago and it returned – shiny and fully working today and I couldn’t resist posting some snapshots of this nice oldie.

It is made of celluloid and has a (I think) brass piston which makes it heavier than the contemporary 144s with c/c fillers. It feels very solid and well made compared to the new MBs and the OB is excellent.

I am very fond of these vintage nibs – both performance and design. I love this clean, simple duo tone nib and wish that MB could do something similar today. Another nice detail is the ambered, striped ink window.

This is not a mint pen – it is made for use and has been used and shows signs of use. That sets off my fantasy and it feels very nice to have a pen with a long history as this.

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12 Responses to Montblanc 144 from the 1950’s – a find

  1. Silvermink says:

    Finally got around to looking at this – nice! I like the clean nib design as well. It makes their current nibs look a bit gaudy by comparison.

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  3. TAO says:

    The current 144 is a good example of why newer MBs are not my favorites. It feels cheap and the one I had once cracked. That experience just makes this vintage pen seem all the more lovely. Why they don’t make a piston filler in this size now is a mystery. Nice find, you are very lucky.

  4. Sam says:

    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous! :)

  5. Youstruckgold says:

    Well done you – lovely

  6. Brat!! you find such lovely pens – no fair!!

    • dandelion says:

      :D I felt like a fox in a hen house when I had snatched this from ebay. You may call me a brat regarding this pen – it is a lovely pen that I will keep and keep and keep. :D

    • dandelion says:

      …and I must say that your pens (like the silver Wahl ring top that you featured earlier this week) are not exactly bad or ugly :D

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