my may day daisy

…or daisies to be more exact. I found a little sunny spot near a wall facing south,  with a lot of mini daisies and their soon-to-be-daisy-buds.All of them happily turning their faces to the sun. I was probably looking very funny when capturing these mini daisies (about 5-6 cm tall and about 2-3 cm Ø) – almost laying on the ground to take photos of them.  I love these tiny little creatures and was so happy to find them.  When I arrived home I – to my big surprise – found that they have begun to bloom there as well. Thank you, May.

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5 Responses to my may day daisy

  1. dandelion says:

    Thank you – happy that you enjoy the daisies! Maybe I should have told in advance that I am crazy about May. :)

  2. inkophile says:

    Lovely photos. The buds are full of promise just like the month.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I love the ones that are just about to bloom. You seem so happy with May, and that makes me really happy about it too! There are flowers! It’s a great month.

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