coffee, paradox and an aurora

This was thought to be a post solely about coffee, but when I should take some photos of the coffee beans I couldn’t resist posing the fancy tin can from the big, Italian brand and when I had added the can I just had to add the Aurora. All three components very Italian. This luscious, lovely and cool sports car red is the quintessence of Italian style and I like it so very much. Thus the photos became more of a still life of Italian style than photos of coffee as such.

The paradox promised in the headline is that it is more expensive to buy less refined coffee – whole coffee beans – in a non-fancy bag, than to buy the very same beans ground and put in an airtight bag. This is a strange contemporary paradox that never ceases to surprise me – paying more for a thing that leaves work that you have to do yourself, than to for the identical stuff (same brand, roast etc) where that work is already done by the manufacturer. Beats me.

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9 Responses to coffee, paradox and an aurora

  1. kevin kelsey says:

    i have a new background on my computer, thanks to you. great pic! thank you!

  2. Julie says:

    I agree on the coffee, we found out that the coffee maker makes a HUGE difference when we broke the carafe and bought a cheapy – that didn’t last long. New carafe for the good maker was rapidly acquired. :-)

  3. Palimpsest says:

    I’m a coffee fan and I always buy coffee beans. Now I have to get the Aurora as well. I accept early Christmas gifts.

  4. pc says:

    As a hardcore coffeeholic, I have had just the same reflections about the price of coffee, beans vs. pregrounded. Economics is fascinating, isn’t it?

  5. Gentian says:

    Pretty photos. Love the colour of the pen. ^_^ That’s my friend’s favorite coffee too.

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  7. Speedmaster says:

    Two of my fav. things!

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