frosted greenhouse

This winter I’ve become very fond of and fascinated by sleeping gardens and greenhouses. Still, peaceful – sleeping in wait for spring and summer. These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago. I had been in a hurry all day, but took some time off in one of the big parks nearby the University of Stockholm and the stress vanished pretty fast.Seeing this big – it is monumental – greenhouse with this enormous glass surface was like stepping in to a secret place, a saga. I didn’t meet anyone when I walked around – partially ploughing through snow – during the hour I was there. I warmly recommend visiting parks and gardens during winter. It is a special experience that works like bliss for the stressed soul of the “modern” human being. Turn off the phone – disconnect – and wear boots that makes it possible to plough into the snow in the non-ploughed parts. Bring a camera and a little thermos of coffee. People have complained about this winter -too cold and too much snow. I persist in saying: I prefer this kind of winter to a muddy, slushy one any day.

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3 Responses to frosted greenhouse

  1. FPNBallboy says:

    I love the green tint to the structure.

  2. Lexi0514 says:

    This is really an impressive building. All the glass really looks “cold” in the snow. Very interesting and beautiful photographs. You have an amazing eye for these beautiful structures.


  3. ArchiMark says:

    Very nice as usual…..interesting design…

    As an architect myself, I love glass structures like greenhouses…

    And agree that snow is nicer than slush….. ;)


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