…it is all about the cap…

…almost. And the silver. And the black. And the nib. Goes well with red as well as blue. Or green. Or sepia.

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3 Responses to …it is all about the cap…

  1. FPNBallboy says:

    Well either way, you’ve picked what seems a winner. I tried the Esprit in white and keep thinking how juicily it would write with Diamine Damson: that honour presently going to a Sheaffer Legacy.

  2. dandelion says:

    Yes it is the slim version. Not the pocket, though. The grand is fab, but I am quite happy with this one :)! I also think this and the Esprit resembles of each other – both the shape and cross hatched pattern, but I believe the Esprit has a silver barrel (enameled) instead of the retro’s plastic.

  3. FPNBallboy says:

    Is that the slim version, not the Grand? Looks similar to the Esprit standard. Looks fabulous all the same :)

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