fragments of stockholm – my hometown

Stockholm City Hall and it's golden crowns seen behind the facades of Norrmalm near Strömmen (the Stream)

Stockholm City Hall and it’s golden crowns seen behind the facades of Norrmalm near Strömmen (the Stream)

People here love to complain about the cold and the snow and the winter – as they do in most countries that experience the four seasons. Well. My take is that since it’s an absolutely fool-proof road to a bad mood to be dismayed by the weather – there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it – I dress in a way that doesn’t let the weather restrict my need to be outdoors and try to adjust. But some days that doesn’t really work. Like today when it’s been overcast and snowing for a week. Not even the tiniest glimpse of the sun. I don’t wish for much of warmth yet – spring isn’t to come until the end of March, but I do wish for more days like the one in the pictures: a cold day, with clear blue skies and some snow, since the snow makes things so much prettier. These were taken in downtown Stockholm a few weeks ago. The water is beautiful, but makes the cold very raw and turned my photo shooting (covered by gloves) fingers into icicles in no time. Even so I had a great time. Regardless of how long I’ve been away, regardless of where I currently live, Stockholm remains my home. But, I’ve lately come to realise that it’s possible to have many homes; all at once – the heart doesn’t put any limits to it – so maybe I should say Stockholm is one of my homes.

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6 Responses to fragments of stockholm – my hometown

  1. fredr1c says:

    Beautiful use of light and shadow, especially on the buildings.

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  3. Ma says:

    I like the cold… and I love being able to wear a nice, black coat with a colorful scarf and a fun hat. :)

  4. Lee Munro says:

    Stunning photos of one of the true beautiful cities of the world. You do indeed have a great Eye.

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