…a primary school

…built to provide the working class children (this was a working class neighbourhood then, but has gone through a rather harsh gentrification the last 20-25 years) with a good basic education. Leche (and the city council) believed that it was important with an inspiring environment for the children. It was rather controversial at the time to build such an imposing primary school (not even a secondary school) – especially in a blue collar neighbourhood. During its history the question whether this building is “too beautiful and impressive to accommodate an ordinary primary school” but it has actually remained a primary school ever since – true to its creator and his visions.

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4 Responses to …a primary school

  1. TAO says:

    A very beautiful school. That was one of my first guesses, should have stuck to it. :)

    • dandelion says:

      I was impressed that your first guess was so close – I should have credited that in my comment, but I was a bit to hasty.

      • TAO says:

        It was the torches in the frieze that made me think learning or education. As always the earlier guesses are the best ones.

        • dandelion says:

          Yes – I have the same experience with first guesses. It is very annoying when one has been right in the first place, but then decided to change the guess in the wrong direction. Very sharp of you to pick it on the torches.

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