rough stoneware and a smart visconti

I posted a few of these at the FPN in the end beginning of the autumn and was reminded of them when someone revived the thread a while ago. Inspired by the last few days of browsing through Conway Stewart photos, I browsed through this suite and found some that I thought might be nice to share here on the blog.

These were taken in the beginning of October – while the leaves were still decorating the trees – at an old pottery oven that I’ve found (yes, outdoors) close to a beautiful old mill. A very peaceful and contemplative place. I like the contrast between the smart Opera and the raw and rough stone ware. These photos make me long for spring and summer. But, the light is returning steadily as I write and next month is the spring equinox and the first “official” spring month. The thought of that makes me happy and prosperous. Nothing is like spring after a long winter. The spring feeling is unbeatable…and the white nights (OK not as white as in the north, but anyway) in the summer and the hope and joy of spring make every winter worth it!

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4 Responses to rough stoneware and a smart visconti

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  2. TAO says:

    I agree, nice images! I like the angles you pursued in taking them.

  3. dandelion says:

    Thank you!!!

  4. Speedmaster says:

    Absolutely beautiful pics!

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