a new year – a happy new year!

It is always a bit special to write the last lines for the old, vanishing year. After writing this I’ll finish my personal summary of this year. By hand with one – or more – of my fountain pens. I try to write a summary of the past year every year. Sometimes long, sometimes only a few lines – depending on mood, inspiration and if it has been an eventful year.  Less than 22 hours left of 2009 here. This has been a very eventful year, so the summary will be rather long. A rare blend of sweet and sour. An important year. A non-boring year. A year that has brought a lot of changes. I hope next year will be as interesting, but with slightly less lemons. A new decade. I hope the next decade will not pass fast – I want to live slow, happy, interesting and long – and that some of my visions have begun to come true in the end of 2019.

Happy New Year!

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