2 x snapshots – stipula and frost

Yesterday I took the last photo of my – no, not mine anymore – red Delta Profili. Today I took the first snapshots of my new bargain – a Stipula Suprema with a F steel nib. It was the looks of the nib that finally sealed the deal. I find unornamented nibs in white metal almost irressistible. Especially if they come with a nice barrel. I paid a very small sum for this pen.  The nib seeems to lay down a very fine line – on the verge to EF, which suits me very well.

After a November with very little sun – saw on the weather site that the sun has been unusually absent during November. Since November isn’t such a bright and sunny month here to start with, it should be easy to imagine how a November with substantially less sun than normal is here. Nowit is December and I hope for snow. Today was a crisp, cold and clear day with frost in the fields and trees, that didn’t melt away during the day. It was so beautiful that I had to take a break in my studies, grab the camera and get outdoors before dark.  The sun starts to set around 2 pm and by 4 pm it is dark. Here is one of my favourite places – just outside town – when the sun is about to set.

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