simple things

Some days one needs some extra pampering. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or even a thing. It can be to take the time to walk in beautiful surroundings and take the time to walk a little bit slower to really enjoy the walk or make a cup of ones favourite tea, taking a long soothing bath. The tea to the right is one of my favourite teas and it is an everyday pleasure to make myself a nice cup of it and enjoy while writing or reading or talking or just being. Writing on a favourite paper (which I have yet to find) with a favourite pen with a favourite ink is another such pleasure. Sometimes I just doodle and write nonsense out of the pure joy to write. And sometimes (more seldom) I realise that some of the nonsense actually were quite interesting – or non-nonsense. Back to Ekelöf and the irrational rationality or rational irrationality. Reading poetry, listening to music or drinking a good wine just out of sheer pleasure. I think it is important to please oneself – that is not the same thing as being egocentric. Allowing one self joy makes it easier to cope with the darker paths of  life (there is no need to worry that one won’t get a share  of sorrows in life) and I do believe that it makes us more generous towards others. Often it is the small things that gives the greatest joy. Like finding these marguerites a cold morning a couple of weeks ago. I saw them on my way to the library and had to take a photo of these survivors.

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2 Responses to simple things

  1. dandelion says:

    Thank you!

  2. jorge says:

    mmm… please, keep it simple -only simple-, you have the idea but do it simple.

    You write very well!


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