coffee and sailor

I have a deadline tomorrow afternoon, so coffee has been my primary fuel the last days. Strong , dark roasted (fair trade) coffee with hot milk.  Simple and a yummy.  But, even if coffee and writing belongs together, neither coffee and paper nor coffee and computer keybords goes well together. So, to get the writing a little more exciting I put my glass of coffee close to the keyboard, forgot about it and knocked it over and ruined the laptop keyboard earlier today. Fortunately – I realized afterwards – the coffee didn’t reach the notebook with notes for the paper, which – since the notes were not written in bulletproof ink –  had been a real disaster. I guess I have to consider writing my study notes in Noodler’s bulletproof black even if I detest the nib creep and that it feels like it is flooding from the nib.Another bright thing is that I have begun to use my Sailor Sapporo again. I had forgotten what a great little  pen for note taking, margin notes etc that it is. It is very precise and even if it is small it is very comfortable to write with. A review of Sailor Sapporo can be found here and if you check the review index you’ll find more reviews of the Sapporo.

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