wind vane IV

Another wind vane I found close to home. I had forgotten about it, but as I was browsing through my photos I stumbled over it. This one is actually from a rather modern building – a residential house from the 50’s. One of the more creative Swedish architects – Gunnar Leche – drawed these beautiful buildings. This area is very homey, friendly and beautiful. A great example of when an idea survives the transformation to reality. Too many architects (and designers) are too occupied with the idea and too little focused on how the idea shall work together with the people that shall live or work in the building. I have very low tolerance for design without function – design without insight, I have a little more tolerance for ugly function (at least usable) and I really love clever design that combines shape and function – particularly if it has a clever twist. Beautiful, clever solutions make me purr like a cat in the sun.

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