longing for cape cod

I still long to return to Cape Cod – particularly off season; before the bustle of the tourist season starts and everything is crowded with people, people, people. The photos were taken a very hot (almost 30 degrees Celsius) April Day 2012 in Provincetown and at Herring Cove Beach – at the very tip of the peninsula – with a wonderful view of the Ocean. I will be back. I’d love to see it in the fall and winter too. There is something absolutely mesmerizing with the sea at winter.

Click on photos to view them in a larger version.

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sunshine doodles

It’s October. The darkness is creeping up on us inch by inch. One of the best countercurses is to use bright yellow-orange-red inks as lanterns. I took out six yellow-orange-red inks and doodled away in the dark October evening. The inks are Diamine Sunshine Yellow – my preferred yellow that I even use as an highlighter; Stipula Saffron – a bit more orange than the Diamine Sunshine; Irohizuku Yu-Yake – an orange-red that is darker than i remembered and it shades exquisitely; J Herbin Orange Indien – a nice, lively orange, but it pales in comparison to the three above mentioned; J Herbin Ambre de Birmaine – more golden brown than yellow, but a golden alternative to sepia; Iroshizuku Fuyu-Gaki – a vivid autumn leave orange that suits the season.

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