leuchtturm 1917 pocket size – back from duty overseas

Before I went off to that big country on the other side of the pond I did a reviews revisited (see here) on the intended travel journal; a pea green Leuchtturm 1917 in pocket size. Pocket size is not my usual preference, but for travelling the sturdy and fat concept is – for me – the perfect format: easy to slip into a pocket without being flimsy. I used it extensively throughout my journey and am very satisfied with it. Particularly a few things that (only) Leuchtturm offers came in very handy and have set a new standard for what I want in a travel journal and this mini review might inspire others to improve their features:

  • the attachable loophole
  • the numbered pages
  • the 16 detachable sheets in the end

These features made it very easy and smooth to make notes on different themes – plans, directions, ideas, journalling and other stuff that one want to jot down. It was very easy to divide the notebook into different sections.

The pen loop also made it much more easy to use – more so than what I had expected. It made it very easy to jot down thoughts and ideas on the exhibitions I visited without (I never have pens in my pockets – it would make my clothes ink soaked in a minute because I am such a fumbler) having to look for a pen. Another nice feature is the stickers that one can put on front and/or spine to label the journal.

The only drawbacks – which were very minor everything else considered – is that the paper is a bit too thin and have a tendency to bleed through with fatter nibs, but it is minor in relation to the pros. The pocket in the back did a good job swallowing all tickets and stuff that I fed it with.

It is – despite my rough handling of it – in a pretty good shape and would like to travel more to get the still blank pages jotted on – preferably on visit to the lighthouses on the east coast. I hope Rhodia and Quo Vadis could consider adding a few extra features to some of their books to improve the webbie and the Habana. Until then I think the Leuchtturm in pocket size is my favourite when it comes to travel journals.

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4 Responses to leuchtturm 1917 pocket size – back from duty overseas

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  2. TAO says:

    It had a rough trip but held up well. I understand the thin paper problem and it’s far too common on many notebooks. It always frustrates me.

    • dandelion says:

      Yes, but it at least doesn’t feather like Moleskines tend to do. It is more of thin and dense than thin and porous. Best would be a non-bleeding, non show-through, strong, dense, paoer. Not to thick, but still strong and opaque. :)

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