almost monochrome III

The ugly, sour, no-nonsense winter is here. Half melted snow that has frozen again, grey-black muddy-dirty-slushy snow frames the roads – blended with sand. Nothing even remotely smarmy about it. And still it fascinates me (obviously since I think it is fully appropriate to post a gallery with 14 pics of it on my blog). This almost-monochrome. Bare. Graphic. It’s extremely hard to capture the soft light – the white on white and the brown-grey shades and these photos don’t really grasp the light as I would have wanted. They are taken without any filters and I haven’t adjusted the colours, more than slight adjustments of the white balance and contrasts. This is the present colour chart here. Interesting, but I wouldn’t want to live in it all year round.

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3 Responses to almost monochrome III

  1. ArchiMark says:

    Almost like being in a B&W photo world…..nice pics as usual though….

    Seems odd that where I am in California it’s 66 degrees F or 18.9 C and sunny…just to go outside to get some lunch, no need for a coat….


  2. Speedmaster says:

    Your photography is really coming along well!!! :-)

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