one year, one place

This is my nearby church and graveyard – originating from the 12th century – that has become one of my favourite places during the last year. It is a beautiful place – an oasis for my thoughts – and the old, worn façade and human proportions makes it more “homey” than a big cathedral. I like to walk around there – often on my way making an errand – and just let my thoughts wander and capture it and its surroundings with my camera. I seldom walk into the church, but when I do I lit a candle for absent friends. One of my favourite architectural details is the wooden roof impregnated with tar. It is simple and beautiful. Here is a collection of shots from the last year – starting almost exactly one year ago and ending yesterday. It almost feels like this church – the church of Vaksala – has become a friend that one checks in on once in a while. Photographing (it)  has made much more sensitive for light and directions than I was before. I guess it becomes particularly obvious here, with so big variations of light and how high in the sky the sun reach during the different seasons. During summer one can take photos of the church with light from practically all directions – from north east to north west. Now we’re down to East-South-West and in December the option (and daylight time) has shrunken further. I love this church in all settings. I was about to pick some favourite settings, but realised that all settings have their charm. As long as one is appropriately dressed.

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5 Responses to one year, one place

  1. dandelion says:

    One Response to Old Parsonage

    1. Danny Marion says:

      What a joy to look through these photos! I’ve long believed that to love a place you must look carefully and allow it to reveal itself to you–it seems to me you’ve used the camera to meditate on this place. Certainly these photos bring a meditative quality to the viewer–the quietness and serenity surround us. Thank you for these and for the abiding peace they bring.


    Thanks a lot!
    Comment posted under one of the pics in the suite, so I copied it and pasted it under the post since it is not easy to find when posted under a pic. :)

  2. JoniB says:

    Very very nice. So incredibly peaceful. Thank you!

  3. Bryan says:

    Well done! Beautiful!

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