dandy ebonite sneak peak

The Conway Stewart Dandy Ebonite arrived this morning. I had the luck to purchase it straight from Conway Stewart – they had a special offer on their website – even though it has been out of producion for several years. It is a very handsome, classic pen and I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw the offer. It is a part of what was called the “Ebonite Collection” which is also inscribed at its cap. More photos will come, but I couldn’t resist posting this first snap. Nib size? A beautiful Bold Italic.

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9 Responses to dandy ebonite sneak peak

  1. Julie says:

    Uh… you did say you were adopting me or somethin’ and one day I’ll have those Dandies, right?


    You are up to 3 lovely CS Dandies! Awesome. Is it the nib, the look or both? One hopes the nibs are divine!

    Congrats, btw. :)

    • dandelion says:

      Oh, yes – I’m about to hand in the paperwork on the adoption any day now :D I know – it is a bit crazy with three dandies, but I’ve got all three as very good deals. The ebonite is simply stunning. I particularly like their medium italic nibs – real nice writers. I haven’t decided what I think about the bold italic yet – it has less line variation than the MI and since they switch nibs for a symbolic sum I might go for a switch to a MI instead.

  2. TAO says:

    It’s a beautiful pen. It actually reminds me most of classic Swans.

  3. TaketheKey says:

    I love chased hard rubber pens, and I think it’s great that some companies still make them – lovely pen, as usual!

  4. David Maliniak says:

    That’s a beauty. I’m becoming more enamored of ebonite as a pen material myself.

  5. ArchiMark says:

    Very nice!!!

  6. Mona says:

    Dandelion, this is fabulous! No wonder it made your week :) – Knittipina

  7. Bill Scherer says:

    Great looking pen. Looking forward to your writing samples with it.

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