evening walk

These photos were taken during my evening walk earlier this evening. I realize that some may have gotten tired of me singing the praise of May – not once, but repeatedly during these 22 days of May that have passed so far. But – May may be (couldn’t resist) the most revolving month we have here. Layers and layers of changes; buds, leaves, blossoms, flowers, bumblebees, daisies, chestnuts, bird cherries, lilacs, apple blossoms, cherry blossoms, rose hips, cowslips, lily-of-the valleys, violets, anemones, forget-me-nots, swallows shrieking in the evening sun, lindens in bloom – all in one month. And at the same time it grows lighter and lighter. Long, warm evenings with a strong sense of having everything within reach. A life after work/studies/duties. Heart fluttering of joy and anticipation in the breast. An almost unbearable prosperity and yearning – feeling close to life. Yes. I get a little crazy these days – happy crazy. A long summer is waiting. A summer of open windows, long walks, late nights in the pale light, chilled white wine or a beer or just a glass of cold, fresh water. This is what I should miss dearly living anywhere else. It is not strange that there is a strong streak of bittersweetness in the “Nordic soul” – from cold and darkness to this feast of warmth, happiness and joy.

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5 Responses to evening walk

  1. ecreith says:

    The “Nordic soul” – I love that. As a Canadian living in rural northeastern Ontario, I have a northern soul, myself.

  2. TAO says:

    It’s now hot and summer like here. It’s not as fun as spring. Thanks for sharing yours.

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