dandies – conway stewart candies in azure and claret

When I had found the Conway Stewart Duro photos I remembered that I also took  some Dandy photos, which are not of the same quality as the photos of the Duros, but I think the dandies magnificent colours show. All this browsing through my CS photos made me decide upon a new Dandy (these are also since long gone) and I actually have a Dandy on its way to me as I write. The blue/lilac patterned is Azure and the red is Classic Claret. It is a pity that Conway Stewart has ceased to have the Dandy in their regular stock.

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5 Responses to dandies – conway stewart candies in azure and claret

  1. Tom says:

    The pens are nice, Ipersonally donotown a CS but will one day acquire a Dandy. What is really neat is the use of the map with muted tones that match the pen. Good choice.

  2. Chito Limson says:

    I have the azure Dandy just like yours and it really is a zinger! Mine came with a Binder stub that I wasn’t very happy with. I sent the pen over to Mike Masuyama who tweaked it further to my liking.

  3. ooo – I love the Dandy azure – that it the color I wanted. *sigh* maybe one day.

    They are both lovely.

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