walking on water

When I was  outdoors yesterday I couldn’t resist taking a stroll on the ice  in a small boat harbour not far from where I live. It has been very cold here and I saw fresh trails of other people who had had the same thought as I, so I dared to walk out on the frozen water without any ice prods. Strolling between snow covered docks is something special and gives another perspective on things. The lake and archipelago landscapes changes drastically during cold winters – suddenly you can walk between islands and docks. No need for a boat – just go for a stroll if you are want to visit your friends on a neighbour island. Or take your snow scooter. Almost surreal. And magic. This boat was the only forgotten boat in the whole harbour and made the place feel even more deserted and asleep.

And – this black AND white colour scheme is here to stay – at least for a while. It starts to grow on me. Feel free to share your thoughts on it! I really appreciate feedback and am very grateful for all feedback left on the format earlier.

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6 Responses to walking on water

  1. Lexi0514 says:

    Oh yes, I like this new background quite alot. It’s the best of both worlds. I love the black and it really sets off the white down the middle. I didn’t like the all white as much, but this is quite pleasing. Don’t worry, I won’t stop dropping in on you. Smile…….Peggy

  2. Helen says:

    Nice photo, as always!

    I like this theme – it has the classiness of black, with the readability of white. Best of both worlds!

    • dandelion says:

      Thanks – happy that you like it! I was happy too to be able to combine the both worlds. The thing I miss most is the option to have a photo header, but I can live with that (apparently).

  3. Lexi0514 says:

    Cool….you must live on an island. It’s quite fun when the water freezes. I used to live in Wisconsin (grew up there) and we spent our winters ice skating and playing in snow and on the ice. Loved it.

    I like the new black/white theme on the blog, but still liked the all black better.

    • dandelion says:

      No, I don’t live on an island (but I’d love to – at least the romantic part of me). I was a bit unclear. This was taken by the northern shore of the big lake Mälaren (that meets the Baltic sea in the Middle of Stockholm (no joke). But, I have spent quite some time in the Archipelago north of Stockholm and this reminded me of it. Mälaren is, for that matter, a lake that is big enough to harbour some big islands. Not big as the Big Lakes in North Amerika, but big according to our standards :-). I hope you will get used to the new theme – I would be sad if you stopped popping by. Best/dandelion

  4. slamdunk says:

    Sounds like a fun challenge–nice photo.

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