how do you find the new format? make a comment and have the chance of winning a bottle of ink

I’ll first say that I really like the dark, black colour scheme that my blog has had very much. But, it might be a bit dysfunctional, and after checking different possibilities I decided to give this light, white scheme a try. I’d really love to get response on what you think of it. Was the old style better or is this better or are they equal? Pros and cons? Please participate in the poll and/or make a comment and say what you think!

Since it is now past noon GMT Feb 4th, the option to win a bottle of ink by commenting on this post is now closed. I’ll announce the winner later on today. A BIG THANK YOU for commenting – it has been very helpful! The post is still open for comments – without a chance to in a bottle of ink, and further comments will be much appreciated.

Rules for participating

If you post a comment with feedback on the new format and/or my blog as a response to this post (comments made on my other posts don’t count)  – before 12.00 pm (noon) GMT, Thursday the 4th of February, you have the opportunity to win a bottle of Visconti Black ink (50 ml, unopened bottle – a great black ink) If you don’t want the Visconti Black you can change it for a box of assorted Diamine ink cartridges or a bottle of Diamine Orange.  I will randomly draw a winner among those of you that have made a comment  and post the result here on the blog at 5th of February. The winner should then contact me via the contact form at the website with a shipping address.  If the winner hasn’t contacted me 12.00 pm(noon) GMT the 6th of February I will draw another winner. I look forward to your responses – both “good” and “bad” feedback is appreciated as long as it is put in a polite manner. Please note that just voting in the poll doesn’t count as a comment.

I’m really looking forward to hear what you think – thanks in advance for contributing!

Good luck!


PS A big THANK YOU to every one that reads and follows my blog!

PS II Yes, I’ve changed to another, almost identical theme, but with better orientation in the header. As usual I am very indecisive, but it will not be any more changes until Thursday now – I promise!

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28 Responses to how do you find the new format? make a comment and have the chance of winning a bottle of ink

  1. Rosie M says:

    I’m ambivalent. The black is artsier and goes better with the photos, but this is better for the text. It is nice, but not as original as the former. Maybe the black could be tweaked a little? I will continue visiting your blog regardless of background colour, but if I’m allowed to choose I’d choose the black artsy setting.

  2. dandelion says:

    This input – thank you folks for writing so ambitious feedback – is so good to get! A key problem is what that focus should be – the photos or the text. The photos is a major part of my blog, even if I like to write as well. THANK you for engaging in this! It is five hours left for leaving feedback and participate in the little ink giveaway drawing, but please don’t stop commenting after that.

  3. The new layout is great! The previous one is ok, but I though black was cramping your design. :)

  4. Miranda says:

    Hi Dandelion! I prefer the old black version as it was more dramatic and, as others have noted, it made your beautiful photos stand out. There is a reason why film uses white text on black background, namely, legibility. I think computers are the same in that respect. This version just seems like so many other texts and word documents. If you decide against black, what about a grey background or a dark blue or purple or…. OK I like colour way too much! Have fun experimenting! Cheers Miranda

  5. sophie_vf says:

    I voted that it’s both functionally and aesthetically pleasing, but I have mixed feelings. I think the pictures actually look better against the black background, but I find it easier to read text against a lighter one.

    Actually – now that I’m looking back at the wind vane pictures – I realize that the black really set them off nicely! Hmmm…maybe I should change my vote.

  6. kookychick says:

    This light scheme makes darker photos more noticeable! I find text to be difficult to read if the background is really dark. The text is a little difficult to read since it’s not black, but it’s dark enough that it’s much of an issue. Maybe a snazzier default font for text might spice it up a little, without making it more difficult to read?

  7. MiamiArcStudent says:

    Personally, I prefer the older style as I think the black was more elegant and professional. The white just seems like a normal, boring blog format. I think going back to black would be great.

  8. TAO says:

    What I like about the new scheme is that its clean, easy to read and navigate, and it loads fast. However, it is a bit plain. I know that can be a positive but a little visual interest often makes a blog more enticing.

  9. withoutink says:

    Im a big fan of whitespace, so I love it.

  10. John Hubbard says:

    I prefer the light background. The dark backgrounds are dramatic/artistic, but usually stray toward a pretentious (I’m not saying you did) air. This layout and color scheme is very good, and your blog is excellent either way.

  11. I really liked the old one!! This one is nice, but I like the old layout better.

  12. dandelion says:

    So far I am a bit surprised that there are such an overwhelming majority in favour for the new colour scheme! I thought most would find it very dull. Keep commenting – it is very good to hear your views! Thank you to everyone that has contributed so far!

  13. mario says:

    New lay-out is clean, it follows the style of the fantastic pen placed at the top. Great job.

  14. Rena says:

    I liked the other style — with black — better than this all white one. The black background set an elegant mood, and as a few others have said, it made your pictures pop.

    I will agree that dark text on light background is easier to read; however, there is too much white space here and I almost feel as though I’m blinded by the white in the same way I can become “snow blind” on a very bright winter day. I wonder if you could add a border around your page, or if you could have only the text portion against the white background.

    Regardless of the design, this is a wonderful blog, Dandelion!

  15. mikeypizano says:

    Personally I prefer light colored themes in general. Black themes are harder to see outside and light themes tend to be happier looking.

  16. I agree with Julie, that the dark background make images pop, but the higher contrast of the white on black is more familiar and easier to read, especially for old folks like me that are beginning to have eye sight problems.

  17. Lexi0514 says:

    Oh NO…. I loved the black. It was what made your blog different and special to me. The pictures were so beautiful againt a black background. I do understand that there could be difficulty reading against the black but I think it was the size of the type more than the background.
    This is “OK”, but I much preferred it before.

  18. Helen says:

    I like it; it’s much, much easier to read this way. Dark backgrounds always look sexy, but they’re a downright pain to actually read, and I find them quite off-putting generally, although I agree with a previous commenter that it made your photos stand out.

  19. djohannsen says:

    Though not especially sexy, black text on white background works. The text is easy to read and links really stand out. You may want to consider other options for the reasons of aesthetics, but for ease of reading the current scheme can’t be beat.

  20. dannzeman says:

    I think it looks very nice. It’s pleasing to the eye and easy to read.

    My only suggestion would be to consider switching to a 3 column layout, one column on either side of your main content. The reason for this is because I notice you have quite a few links which makes the page long and takes more time to scroll down and see everything.

    You could evenly distribute your widgets between the two columns to make more efficient use of space.

    Oh, and please don’t enter me in the contest for the ink. I have a couple of bottles of Visconti black already. I just wanted to offer my thoughts on the blog.

  21. Alan says:

    I am liking the site. It has a nice look to it, and some great content! I am used to this dark theme as I play a game online that has a theme just like this one. Same dark color background and the Orange you use(for the voting), but not the dark red.

    I do like the Dark Red but I am having a hard time focusing on it. I think if you make the items that are Dark Red and not in normal a text block, a bit thicker or bolder than the normal size it would help alot. I like the color alot, but the thin lines make it look too dark adding some thickness might bring out the red color more. With the dark background it is good to sneak in color everywhere you can.

    It makes your colorful pictures really pop out. You eye is drawn to the bright color and they look brighter compared to the dark background.

    This is my first time at this blog but I do like this color scheme. I really like your pictures.

  22. Steve says:

    I like it very much.
    It has given me many ideas for my own blog. Which I am planning right now!

    Good Luck!

  23. Matt says:

    I am not familiar with the old version however, I have problems seeing any backgrounds that are dark. Not that I am old and blind, yet, but I do have minor colorblindness issues and any dark background for blogs, websites, printed brochures or even magazine ads can give me problems.

    This leads to an interesting question, who do you write the blog for, yourself or your audience?

    I do like the pen you have at the top of the page.

    Good Luck.

    • dandelion says:

      Good question! I write mostly for an audience. It started partly as a way of doing something with my vast amount of photos. It is not a journal substitute – my private, personal journal is written by hand and for my eyes only. I like writing, photographing and communication and realized quickly that I really like having a blog and share photos and (unpretentious) thoughts with others.

  24. Julie says:

    The old theme made your photos pop. Yet I also REALLY appreciate simplier themes such as this one. Can you tell I voted “neutral?” :) Great new header photo!

  25. Speedmaster says:

    I like it, a touch more visually appealing.

  26. Andy Shreeve says:

    The contrast is a bit much but the text is easy to read with the white background. So from a functionality standpoint, this works.

  27. Bill Scherer says:

    The previous style was classy and easy on the eyes. The new style is too contrasty.

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