greetings from Stockholm with a cool bird, a chubby cockerel and a green arrow

Since I have a hard time letting things be I did some rearrangements of the photos previously posted. One good thing being one’s own editor is that one can do as one please and make the changes one wishes. Very nice. Stockholm in one of her best moods. Three top ornaments, two birds – one cool and one in gold – a green arrow and a view over the north-eastern part of the city – near Djurgården. The photos were taken some days ago and the vanes was spotted on the top on one of the posh buildings along the water near the bridge over to the idyllic island Djurgården. I was very close to getting a parking ticket when I hopped around taking photos after a long walk on Djurgården and couldn’t resist trying to capture the vanes on my way home.  I really like that bird. It looks as if it is scrutinizing the wind vane. Clever bird.

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