icing on the cake or why we need mini utopias

I guess some visitors (thank you for visiting!) are getting familiar with my fondness of fairytale surroundings. After a rather exhausting meeting I made a mini excursion yesterday. I went to one of my favourite parks – only a small detour on my way home. Even if it is one of my favourite places I was somewhat reluctant to go – “I don’t have the time; I’ll do it another day” – but I went and as soon as I (and my precious little camera) was there I began to relax and feel the tensions begin to vanish.

I wandered about – in awe – for over an hour. Just walking, looking, taking photos. Allowing myself not to think about anything at all – only taking in the calm beauty.

The French philosopher Michel Foucault writes about heterotopias – the creation of “mini utopias” within the existing, contemporary life and reality. He has a rather detailed description of what is necessary (in his point of view) to create these places. I’m satisfied to say that I like the idea that we can create mini utopias here and now. Places – literally and figuratively – that are perfect – in a sense. Not perfect for all needs, but perfect for some situations. One of the mini utopias that I have found is photography – especially outdoors in interesting and/or beautiful surroundings. What that is is not easily defined since much of it is in the eyes of the beholder. Things doesn’t have to be traditionally beautiful to qualify.

This clears my mind, stimulates the non-linear-intellectual-rational part of my brain and sets off a wordless creativity. Being someone that lives and breaths words this non-verbal, non-wordy occupation is so crucial. Another form of focusing and concentrating on something. Like going into another world in a sense. A little magic.

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3 Responses to icing on the cake or why we need mini utopias

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  2. Lexi0514 says:

    I just want to go sit on that bench! What great pictures, so peaceful and “icy”. I can easily see why this park would soothe one after a day of mind “adventures”. I’m glad you have found this place that gives you that feeling of utopia at the time it is most needed. It’s another way that a beautiful place or thing becomes important to us and enriches our lives.
    The rotunda in your beautiful library is stunning. I love books and visiting that library would just make my heart sing.
    Thank you for sharing such beauty.

    • dandelion says:

      Thank you dear Lexi! The public library was also my late grandmother’s favourite – she grew up nearby and she would have been happy to read that it makes your heart sing. It is a little like coming into a temple or cathedral. Also a mini utopia.

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