gearing up to a white christmas

Yesterday around noon. Brought the camera along when I was doing some errands. More snow came during the night and it is unlikely to be a muddy Christmas tomorrow. The Christmas Eve is the big day here, so today is the day for all last-minute-things – that mostly are unnecessary. How many dishes does one have to serve at Christmas – really? 5, 10, 15? How many Christmas presents is enough? 1,5,25? I only know that the Christmas I want is  a  Christmas with candle light, scents, snow, long walks in the evening with snow chrunching under my feet, Christmas carols and hymns, a good port wine, being together – in peace and calm – with people I like and am relaxed with. Maybe some homemade almond brittle and a bit of chocolate. Unpretentious food.  Time to think, be and talk and be quiet. That would suffice.

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