delicious italics

I LOVE these italics. Stipula Ventidue and Aurora Talentum. It is peculiar that so few pen makers make factory stubs/italics withing their regular production. The vast majority among the few who does make italics for almost all their regular pens are Italian – Aurora, Visconti, Stipula… It is strange that neither Pelikan or Montblanc have italics/stubs in their production. Lamy has it for their low brow pens as Safari, Studio etc, but not for the 2000, which is a pity. Sailor and Pilot has it (music or zoom, at least) for some of their pens, which is a good thing. I’d be happy if all pen producers could offer italics in their regular production – I think they could recruit an awful lot of new customers if they did – scrapbookers for instance.

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