pens in the pocket & blue & red

A group photo of the pens I use most frequently right now – for everyday writing.

The Lamy Vista is loaded with Diamine Sunshine Yellow for highlighting and suns,

The MB 146 is loaded with Diamine Majestic – a lovely deep blue ink of which you find a review here.

The Pilot M90 is loaded with Diamine Steel Blue (more like a dark, somewhat muted greenish turquoise) – review here.

The Pilot VP is loaded with Pilot Blue-Black.

A very pleasant quadruple that about covers all needs (and more…) during a workday. The pen that would join them if I had a case for five pens instead of four would be one of my Delta Profilis – preferably with red ink to break the blue dominance.

Speaking of colours; something I find interesting, confusing and amusing is  that Europe and the US  interprets blue and red differently when it comes to politics.  In the US blue is associated with the Democrats (left-centerfield) whereas it in Europe is associated with the center-right part of the political spectrum and vice versa for red. When I followed the latest presidential election I forgot about that for a few secs and was initially utterly surprised and puzzled when the first red/blue map appeared on the screen.

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1 Response to pens in the pocket & blue & red

  1. Roger says:

    I just recently got the same colour Pilot with a medium nib. so far it’s proving a practical delight with Diamine Midnight Blue. I know it’s not euro c/c standard but the nib and writing experience is excellent.

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