new members of the fanclub

If I had to choose only one pen I think I would choose the M90. It is function, shape and cleverness incarnated in one simple, gracious move. Tonight I had a very interesting discussion about design, shape and function with two architects. To show them an example of what I see as a perfect combination of design and function, I showed them the M90 and both are now members of the M90 fan club – an unexpected and pleasant recruitment – one of them actually asked where to buy it, so I will help her find a good deal on the internet – the pen prices here are ridiculous.
It is interesting that Scandinavian design and architecture have so much in common with Japanese design and architecture. One of the architects had been in Tokyo recently and said that she was surprised that she felt so much at home – shape, function, minimalism – as she did. Two odd, minimalist corners of the world. I haven’t been to Tokyo and it would be so interesting to go there – so different and alike at the same time. Fascinating. Meanwhile I’ll stick to my M90 and keep on writing with it, which is a pure joy.

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2 Responses to new members of the fanclub

  1. dandelion says:

    Yes it really is one of the coolest and best! Mine is just an “it” though.

  2. sailoraff says:

    One of the coolest (or better, sexier) fp on planet.

    love the way she’s hidden in my pocket and how she fits my hand while cap is posting.

    no problem at all with gripping section despite she has a whole metal body.

    usually don’t love steel nib…but this one is smooth and play good music when runs onto the paper…

    a cool, sexy, futuristic and classic fp.

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