striped green tiger (montblanc 146)

I happened to come by this green striated Montblanc 146 a while ago and couldn’t believe my luck. It has had one previous owner and I bought it from his son. I am too prosaic to have grail pens – pens are just things, after all – but even so I was thrilled to come by one of the prettiest classic pens I know of. It had a few minor issues that had to be fixed before it was ready to be used and today it was finally ready to be tried out. The nib is a flexy EF and fits my sloppy, fast handwriting perfectly and I already dare to say it will be used for writing letters and journalling. I’ll try to post more writing samples and make a more in depth analysis of it, but for now I’ll just share these pics of my green tiger. Doesn’t it look yummy?



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heading for a fall


Woodland Cemetery Stockholm. Late October. I love fall. I love the serenity, solitude and quiet of fall. It doesn’t bow and flatter. It is there. It doesn’t try to bribe you with warmth. It asks something of you to enjoy it fully – nothing for whiners or people reluctant to put on proper clothes and just be in it. Happy you’re here, fall.

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