A one-picture-post to emphasize the joy of spring! Captured in the evening sun while out on a bike ride without a jacket – just a short sleeved tee. Happy. Spring is here, at last!

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fyris river spring flood

sittin' in the river

sittin’ in the river

It’s been a long, cold winter with lots of snow. Lots of snow means lots of water when it’s finally starting to thaw. Lots of water leads to a majestic spring flood which turns even tiny river Fyris into a violent swirl of water. This year Fyris flooded over its brims and many Upsalians wandered down to view Fyris’ herald of the coming spring. And in a couple of days May is here. May whom we greet with songs and bonfires. Other nations may talk of Awesome June, but Swedes sing to praise May the Magnificent with flowers in her hair. May – the carrier of hope and joy. She’s almost here now. Finally.

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